Letter for you

Dear Reader,

My name is Magda. I am a 17 year old girl who lives in Poland. On my blog I use my nick – Niebooska. Why? Because that will be easy. I use this nick also on my Instagram and twitter accounts. So if you want to find me on my social media account, I sincerely invite you.

Maybe you wonder why I want to write the blog in English. The answer is very easy. My English isn’t good. So the English blog is a good opportunity to improve my language. I write a post, my teacher checks it and then I publish it. 😊

I am in second years of high school. In Poland a high school lasts three years. First class was easy. We didn’t have a lot of tests. We spent more time on getting to know each other. Second class (now) is hard. We have a lot of tests and pop quizes. When we want to have a good mark we must learn all the time. For me studying is torture. I don’t like learning. I can’t learn. Seriously. But I must. I try many ways of learning. For me the most effective is riding on a stationary bicycle and studying at the same time. Sometimes I explain something to my mum. Poor mum.

Every day we listen about the matura exam – the most important exam in our life. Why? Because it is said that our future depends on it – our studies, our job and our working life. I understand that teachers want to prepare us as good as they can but it is stressful. I am passing matura exam in one and half year time.

The last class will be difficult. We will be learning and passes tests in school. We will also be preparing for the final exam. Not good. Not funny. But there is one plus. The third class lasts only 6 months 😊 In Poland the school year lasts 10 months. I think I will write a post about Polish education.

What do I like ?  Do I have a hobby?

I like eating, reading books and cooking. I like people, too. But I don’t like to know what is inside us. I only like  observing people. What and how they eat, how they walk and how their faces change when they lie. I know, it sounds terrible 😊

I am interested in people’s behavior.  You know, you will never find people who walk or eat in the same way. We are different. We have different facial expressions when we lie (for example). We perceive things differently.  But we never share our opinions about something in a public place. We share our views at home or in a place where we feel understood. Why? Because we are afraid that someone would criticize us or laugh at us. In my book the biggest problem isn’t Global warming. The biggest problem is disrespect.

I also like reading books, but I will write another post about it. Check it 😊

Cooking and eating are my favourite hobbies. I love cooking. In my free time me and my friend always prepare a dish for our families.  This is the best fun ever. I miss holiday.

Who is the most important person in my life? Who sets an example for me?

My parents. They are the most important people in my life. They always help me when I have a problem. They never judge me and other people. They always try to be positive in bad situations. They never give up and always smile.

My mum is a person who loves talking to people. Sometimes it is annoying. Imagine – we are late for the most important part in our life. We have to hurry up. But then we meet mum’s friend. Your mum is kind and she starts talking to her. The worst thing in the world ☹

My mum is also the strongest person I have ever met. She never gives up and she is always happy. She lives in the present. She never looks back or into the future. She lives as if there is no tomorrow. I want to be like she in 10 %.

My dad is a person who has a lot of energy. He is never tired. I think he has an inner battery and when he feels tired, he charges it. He is amazing. He loves my mum so much. I want to find a love as they have.

Do I like animals? Do I have any animals at home?

I love animals. Since I remember there are always animals at my home. First were cats. Then dogs. Now we have also fishes. We have a little zoo 😃

We never buy animals. We take them from a shelter. Why? Because there are too many animals in the shelter. They live in horrible conditions. I will write about it another (I think the second 😊) post.

We also don’t see a difference between pedigree and non-pedigree animals. They give us the same love. Pedigree animals are normal animals which cost too much money. This is my opinion.

Now your turn. Tell me something about yourself.

What is your name?      Where were you born?

How old are you?            Do you have a hobby?

What do you do in your free time?

Do you like animals?       Do you have animals at home?

Do you like studying?      How does education in your country look like?


Write me a message. I want to know something about you. You know something about me 😊

Have a nice day !

Your Niebooska