Nieboska, viz who ?


"Through you flows a stream of beauty, but you are not a beauty"

Nieboska is

  1. No perfect, nonideal, plain girl. She is modest and shy. But inside she is a very crazy. Maybe one day she shows the World how she looks realy.
  2. A girl who dream about big love. She wait on her prince on white horse
  3. Fitwomen,who more time spend eating than exercising.
  4. Good student when she don’t use phone.

This is Nieboska…no this is old Nieboska !

2018 is a year changes….

First I change my body and school mark. I want be healthy and slim. I want be proud with myselfe. It will be hard but I am ready. This is my life and my future.

Second I try to don’t measure people after that how they demeanour in public place. Because sometimes people want to show the best side them which is sometimes fake.

Third I want to improve my english. Sorry for my mistakes 😉